Preparations for crepes, pancakes and waffle

Thin waffles with a fluffy texture: making great crepes has never been easier. With our crepe mixes you can make delicious crepes quickly and with just the addition of water. Discover our collection of crepe mixes, which can be served with sweet or savoury fillings.

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    Frusta Elettrica

    electric whisk

    Preparati per crepes


    19000ANTCRÊPES POWDER MIX1 Kg BAGas requiredHOT WATERae_en_modo_5

    Electric whisk

    PANCAKE / WAFFLE gluten free

    19300ANTNEW PANCAKE / WAFFLE POWDER MIX preparati per pancake waffle senza glutine500 g BAG1 + 400 ml milk + 4 eggs + 100 g sugarMILK + EGGS + SUGARae_modo_5

    Frusta Elettrica