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Ginseng, barley and other powders

Ginseng, Barley, Matcha Tea, Oriental Chai Tea, Unicorn Milk: let yourself be carried away by the intense flavors of oriental drinks to offer your customers an alternative to the classic espresso. Specific preparations born and selected from the choice of the best raw materials. The pleasure of a drink with the taste of Ginseng, Barley and Coffee prepared in a workmanlike manner.

Hot Chocolate Powder

Hot chocolate is an irresistible whim, a pleasure to indulge in, an intense and full taste to savor, a synthesis of a concentrate of fine cocoa blends sought all over the world. Discover the collection of our preparations for hot chocolates in sachets, jars and single-dose sachets.

Linea Caldo

Blends for tea,
infusions and herbal tea

Hot drinks with enchanting names and delicious aromas: classic teas, infusions such as “Bosco incantato”, “Magia dei sogni” or more refined drinks such as the soluble lemon, ginger and turmeric mix. Discover our whole collection of preparations for tea, herbal teas and infusions, made with the best selection of plants, flowers and fruits.

Crepes, pancakes and waffle mixes

Thin waffles with a fluffy texture: making great crepes has never been easier. With our crepe mixes you can make delicious crepes quickly and with just the addition of water. Discover our collection of crepe mixes, which can be served with sweet or savoury fillings.

Preparati per crepes