Hot Drinks line

instant coffee powder in bulk

Instant Coffee & hot drinks

Indulge in our Instant Drinks made with the best raw materials to offer your customers the pleasure of a professionally prepared beverage like an Instant Coffee or instant hot drinks.

hot chocolate powder wholesale

Hot Chocolate powder

Our hot chocolate mixes contain fine cocoa blends from around the world, and you also have several convenient formats to choose from such as pouches, tins.

tea herbal tea wholesale

Blends for Tea, Infusion and Herbal Tea

Our collection of teas, herbal teas and infusions allows you to have a varied and up-to-date offer thanks to the best selection of plants, flowers and fruits.

crepes pancake mix wholesale

Crepes mixes

Thanks to our crepe or pancake mixes, preparing tasty cakes has never been easier: all you need is a high-quality mix and they will be ready in no time.