Cold products line


Coffee Cream powders

Served as a dessert or enjoyed during a break, cold creams are the protagonists of the summer season. Discover our delicious collection of cold creams, a wide range of flavors to meet every need.


Preparations for Yogurt-based creams

Specific preparations for Yogurt-based creams, to be used in the classic slush machine, to be prepared instantly or by vending machine. Antico Eremo is always looking for new products: discover the new Zero Grassi and Omega 3 lines.

Preparati per sorbetti


A mixture prepared in powder for sorbets, made with carefully selected raw materials. Fresh and refreshing, our sorbets are perfect for adding a delicate note to your lunches.



Our preparations are made with fruit juice and pulp. From classic flavors like orange, strawberry or mint to the most innovative flavors like mojito, bubble gum or blue eyes: a vast assortment to tastefully quench all your customers.

Preparati per crepes
Preparati everyday3

Flavored Syrup

We produce our flavoured syrups to be the perfect ingredient for hot and cold drinks. From traditional flavours such as vanilla, hazelnut and caramel to dessert-inspired amaretto and spicier flavourings such as ginger and cinnamon, we blend creativity and versatility.


Delicious toppings, ideal for garnishing all your desserts, ice creams, smoothies and drinks with an intense and velvety flavor, made with genuine and excellent quality raw materials.


Ice cream mixes

Ready to use to create tasty fruit ice-creams, creams or special flavours with granola topping. A wide assortment, made possible thanks to the choice of quality ingredients and careful research work. Discover the whole range of our preparations for making delicious ice creams.

Juices mixes

Thirst-quenching, tasty and rich in vitamins: our preparations are made from fruit concentrates, so you always have ready-to-use juices and drinks at hand. Discover the entire line and the vast assortment of flavours and types of concentrate.


Milkshake mixes

From classic to exotic flavours, from fruit to cocoa: a wide range of milkshake mixes to satisfy every palate. Available in convenient jars.

Bubble Tea

Enrich your drinks with delicious Bubbles: these small, delicious pearls of selected fruit will add flavour and freshness to your summer offering.

Preparati per crepes