Private Label

Experience, competence, and decades of presence on the market allow us to respond to specific and customized requests, in line with international trends.

Private label prodotti solubili ingrosso

Tailor-made solutions

In our laboratories, we work to meet your requests, even the most specific and personalized, in line with international trends, preferences, and packaging.

Antico Eremo knows how important it is to find and discover foods that represent us, in taste, in the use of ingredients and, why not, in aesthetic appearance. Food is not only a necessity, it is culture and good living!


Antico Eremo performs consulting and graphic support for the creation of custom packaging. Our professionals guarantee their assistance until the final approval of the project.

The possibility of studying the packaging together is not limited to aesthetic customization, but goes as far as defining the boundaries of the type and size of the packaging.

Private label horeca food industry
Private Label


Among the various marketing and consulting activities that Antico Eremo can offer is the design and creation of advertising materials, such as displays and signage, customized to your specific needs and in line with the packaging you choose.

Antico Eremo has set up customer service aimed at direct dialogue with customers to ensure their full satisfaction.