Since 1978 Antico Eremo has been producing and packaging fruit juice concentrates, liquid preparations for sport drinks and instant mixes for teas, beverages, desserts, chocolate, creams available in different packagings.

Antico Eremo selects for you only the best ingredients in order to offer your customers the guarantee of genuine and tasty products, both in traditional and innovative formulas studied and developed by our Research and Development department. Antico Eremo, absolute taste and health!


We adopt responsible systems of energy management to minimise the consumption and improve the use of our facilities, to proceed along a set path of sustainable energy.

We decided to bring our facilities forward with some important innovations: therefore, a solar panel system was installed that allows us to have significant autonomy in the production of hot water, in place of 100% of conventional light sources with LED technology.

For us, energy saving is an essential factor in our initiatives aimed at increasing the Eco-sustainability of activities carried out. Saving energy to reduce CO2 emissions is the basic message in the fight against global warming that we want to pursue, so that, thanks to our contributions, we can raise awareness among companies like us, so they will choose to change their "old ways”.

Personalized customer service

Do you have special requirements?
Antico Eremo provides a customer service aimed to a direct dialogue with the customers and thus satisfaction.

We work to respond to your requests, even the most specific and individual ones, following  international trends, preferences and packaging. Antico Eremo knows how important it is to find and discover foods which represent us in taste, in the use of ingredients, and why not? in their appearance. To eat is not only a necessity, it is culture and good living!

International Logistic

Worldwide branches

The qualitative selection of Antico Eremo has been appreciated internationally. That is why today we are represented by two branches abroad: one in Charlotte, USA, and the other in the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo. The need to have two offices abroad has been determined by the necessity to be physically present and operating in the international market in at a logistic and distribution level, as well as by the desire to ensure maximum safety of the product thanks to strict on-site controls.

Tailored to your needs

Born as an artisan workshop, Antico Eremo has won the trust of international customers by becoming a partner and co-packer of companies and partners operating in the Ho.Re.Ca sector and catering industry.

The latest market demands raisedthe need and the opportunity for a new structure, able to remain faithful to our original values and at the same time to meet the new production requirements. For this reason, today we can offer you a new reality.

Laboratory Antico Eremo