A sensory journey through chocolate and spices.


Red Chocolate

Daring has a new flavor!

Red chocolate, the bold fusion of the richness of chocolate and the delicious taste of pandoro.

It is not the usual hot chocolate: it is an experience that defies expectations, combining sweetness and ardor in a perfect balance.

Each sip is an invitation to experiment, to dare, to discover a side of chocolate you never knew existed.

Not just a drink, a statement. Are you ready to wow your customers and get them talking about you? Red Chocolate is the key.




Pumpkin Spice

An Irresistible Taste That Elevates Every Experience

Pumpkin Spice, a symphony of spices that captures the essence of autumn and promises to transform every cup of hot chocolate into an unforgettable experience.

Imagine a hint of pumpkin and the warmest, most enveloping spices coming together in a dance of flavors destined to captivate every palate. This is not just another hot chocolate mix: it is an invitation to enjoy a moment of pure pleasure, an experience to be repeated again and again.

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