Quality certification has become a fundamental prerequisite when choosing which companies to trust.

Increasingly demanded by customers and required by public bodies, it is important to have it, particularly for companies offering products to the HoReCa world.

Antico Eremo follows a rigorous and certified production cycle to guarantee all the wellbeing and taste of products in which every ingredient is traceable and treated according to strict protection protocols. In a word: safe.

We guarantee the highest international quality standards, with internal and external checks, inspections and audits, ranging from the selection of equally certified suppliers to analysis by an accredited external laboratory. Quality is a choice of rigour!

Our aim is to operate with continuous respect for quality, tradition and food safety; investing in Research and Development to produce excellence and innovation, with the aim of producing products that satisfy the most demanding customers and markets.

The continuous pursuit of quality and food safety has allowed Antico Eremo to implement a voluntary certification system, aimed at improving and guaranteeing all stages and processes of production to our customers.

Le nostre certificazioni

FDA: Food and Drug Administration

FDA certification is a legal obligation and a basic requirement for companies like us who want to export food and drink products to the USA. It is achieved by meeting stringent standards and is maintained by passing biannual audits of those standards. This ensures that food products destined for the US market are quality, safe, hygienic and appropriately labelled..
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Certificazione IFS Food

IFS: International Featured Standards

IFS certifications relate to six quality standards and are internationally recognised, but are not mandatory. We have voluntarily applied for IFS Food 7 as an additional form of company self-control. The IFS assesses the conformity of products and production processes with regard to food safety and quality. It applies to suppliers who are involved in all stages of food processing after agricultural processing.
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Certificazione alimentare CSQA FSSC

ISO 22000: Food Safety Management Systems

ISO 22000 is a voluntary international standard that certifies Food Safety Management Systems (FMS) in the field of materials in contact with food, and therefore relates to food packaging. It represents a set of technical standards aimed at ensuring hygienic safety through specific operational control procedures. We have acquired this certification because it helps us, on the one hand, to meet the demands of the authorities responsible for checking legal requirements and, on the other, to provide additional guarantees of our quality to the end consumer, commercial intermediaries and other companies with which we work.

Certificazione FSSC 2000

FSSC 22000 – Food Safety System Certification 22000

FSSC 22000, or Food Safety System Certification 22000, is a globally recognised standard for food safety management. It focuses on ensuring safe practices throughout the food supply chain by combining ISO 22000 requirements for food safety management with industry-specific programme prerequisites. This certification helps companies identify and manage food safety risks, ensuring consumer confidence in the safety of food products.
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Certificazione Kosher Parve

Kosher Parve Certification by Rabbi A. Locci

The Kosher Parve certifies that our food and facilities comply with Kosher rules: the set of precepts that regulate the eating style and nutrition of practising Jews. It therefore allows us to address Jewish markets with confidence, guaranteeing absolute compliance with their food regulations. In order to obtain and maintain this certification we undergo frequent audits by a specialised rabbinical body as well as receiving visits from representatives of the body over time.

Certificazione HALAL

WHA: World Halal Authority Certification

The WHA is the most accredited and recognised Halal certification body in the world. It is the only one in Europe capable of guaranteeing, with its high standards, that our company is suitable for Islamic markets. After passing several initial validations and others over time, we can safely address the Halal markets in accordance with Islamic culture. Halal is a set of precepts that regulate everything that is permitted in terms of behaviour, language, clothing and even food.