Chi Siamo

Forty years of success

Since 1978 we have been producing soluble blends for beverages, desserts, creams, hot chocolates and teas, available in a variety of formats.

We select the best raw materials to offer your customers the guarantee of genuine and delicious products, both in traditional versions and in innovative formulas designed by our Research & Development division.

Antico Eremo, taste and health without compromise.

Manufacturer since 1978

The company was founded in 1978 in Gussago (Brescia): it is a small artisan workshop where concentrated fruit juices and teas are produced from the best, carefully selected ingredients.

Within a short time the company increased its offerings, specialising in the production of semi-finished powdered and liquid products for the preparation of hot and cold beverages such as ginseng, flavoured cappuccinos, teas and herbal teas, ice cream mixes, slushies and sorbets.

In the years that followed, production capacity increased, but the need for a new facility to support the growing market demand arose. The new premises were inaugurated in 2011 with a totally renovated laboratory and warehouse.

Thanks to its variety of recipes, as well as flexibility and quality, over time Antico Eremo has become a partner and co-packer for companies operating in the Ho.Re.Ca., industrial and ice-cream sectors.

At the same time, following increasingly demanding market demands, the company honed its knowledge and experience in the development and production of soluble and non-soluble blends, developing a wide range of powder and liquid products.

These include hot chocolates, teas and herbal teas, ginseng coffee, cold creams, dessert preparations, slushies, milkshake, sorbets and syrup.

Now a leader in the sector, new vertical packaging machines for the production of single-serving and jarred products, as well as new production departments, have come into production in recent years.

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Environmental Sustainability

In order to adopt responsible energy management systems, minimise consumption and improve the efficiency of our plants, we decided to make some important innovations in our factory.

We installed a system of photovoltaic panels that allow us to have autonomy in energy production and replaced 100% of the traditional light sources with new LED technology.

Saving energy is an essential factor in our initiatives to increase eco-sustainability. Saving energy to reduce CO2 emissions is the key message in the fight against global warming.